Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Review: Albert of Adelaide

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"Is this the place?"
The wombat looked at the pieces of desert being blown around them and took the pipe out of his mouth. "I hope not."
"What I meant was, is this the place where things haven't changed and Australia is liked it used to be?"
The wombat thought for a long time before he answered. "If you mean somewhere animals run around without any clothes on while being chased by people with spears and boomerangs, the answer is no. It's not bloody likely that you'd find old Jack in a place like that.
Part Redwall, part Lord of the Rings, part Hunter S. Thompson: this is not your typical talking animal story. You can read my full review of this book over at the blog for Florissant Valley Community College's student newspaper, the Forum.
You can order your own copy of Albert of Adelaide online from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. There is also an e-book edition available.

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