Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introduction: But Who Is Blog?

My name is Sarah and I'm a student at Florissant Valley Community College, located in Florissant, Missouri --- okay, that's really boring. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Look below!
In the background: the student center at FVCC. Taken from the front steps of the Communications building.
This is a peek at our campus here at Florissant Valley. This is where I attend classes from Monday through Friday. I am currently a sophomore going for my Associates in Communications (with an emphasis on Creative Writing).

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The Instructional Resources building (aka the IR Building). This houses the library, media circulation, the art gallery, and the TV studio.
When I'm not taking classes, I spend most of my day in the above IR building - but not in the library. I work downstairs, in a room most students don't pay attention to but is right next to the entrance come on.

The entrance to Media Services. Also pictured: the control panel for the elevator to the upper levels, which Media Services also controls.
This is Media Services; I work here through the work study program as a student worker. Want to know more about Media Services? Read the upcoming issue of the campus Forum newspaper - which I am also a writer for.

Thank you for visiting my blog! This is a blog set up for my Convergence Media Production class so there will be plenty of photos, video, audio, and text for y'all to enjoy. Please return soon to read more posts. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Hey Sarah, I'm a friend of Julie's. :) I'll be checking in to see what you've got going on!

    ~M.A. Church

    1. Thanks! I definitely appreciate your visits! ♥